Supercharge Your HNT Rewards With Our Relocation Services

Disappointed with the HNT rewards earned by your Helium miner?  Don’t blame the hotspot, blame the location!  Using Hotspot Relocation Services, it is possible to vastly improve the earnings capability of your miner.

What Can Relocation Services Do For Me?

By placing your Helium hotspot in a location that is more conducive to reaching other hotspots in the surrounding area, you can dramatically increase the number of witnessing and Proof of Coverage (POC) pings your miner hits in the new area.  If you are in an area that has few surrounding hotspots, or perhaps too close to other hotspots, this can affect your rewards.  As well, if you transmit a poor signal due to the topography of your area, this will affect your monthly rewards.  Enter Hotspot Relocation Services – we will place your hotspot in an area that can increase your exposure.

hotspot relocation

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Let’s be honest – when you ordered your miner, you had high expectations it to generate a relatively steady monthly revenue.  But depending on where and how your miner is located, you may not be receiving the rewards you had hoped for.


increased rewards

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By using our miner relocation service, you can expect to see a dramatic increase in your monthly revenue flow from the miner.  Imagine your miner place in a dynamic area communicating with other hotspots, generating an increased amount of rewards from what you are currently experiencing!


safe and insured

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We understand that your miner is very valuable to you.  For this reason, we insure every unit we place so that in the event of a loss or theft, you are compensated for 100% of the MSRP.  We will take steps to insure that every unit we place is in a safe environment with reputable hosts.

How It Works

The relocation service is fairly simple and straight-forward:


consign your hotspot with us


we will match you with a suitable host


we install your hotspot at the new location

What Our Clients are Saying

“I’m very happy I placed my hotspot with Hotspot Relocation Services.  I can check on its progress 24/7 via the Helium Explorer page. “

Ronit Engel


“Knowing that my miner is fully insured is a great comfort to me.  And having it in a dynamic area as opposed to an area of blocked signals is a really big deal.”

Michael Vaneux

Web Designer

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It all starts with a simple call at 323.243.9534 or email us using the form below.  We have safe and reliable locations ready to accept your hotspot. 
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