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Lock in rates as low as $2.40 per square foot for all of 2018 with a Medalife negotiated pre-lease!

*What We Do

*How You Benefit

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*Lease or Buy/Sell

The market for quality marijuana grow spaces within Los Angeles city and county is already here - the key is to get on board NOW, before all legal barriers are removed and the market spins out of control.

NOW is the time to start preparing for when growing is a perfectly legal endeavor. It takes several months to get your grow permit approved, and a few months to set up your operations. Let us negotiate your pre-lease that will lock in current low rates for all of 2018!

What We Do

We work with owners, developers and speculators to broker potential marijuana grow spaces in the Los Angeles area. This includes properties we actually own, properties owned by others, and specialized scouting for those wishing to be on either end of a lease.

How You Benefit

As a lessee, we will help you lock in a fair rate before the market heats up, edging out all but the larger players. All of the warehouses we represent conform to regualtions, i.e., 600 feet from schools parks and churches. All leases will be with owners that have private mortgage insurance.

Specialty Scouting

Whether you are a large scale grow operator seeking large, multiple or unusual spaces, a developer seeking potential sites, or an owner of spaces seeking pre-screened lessees, we can help - even if you cannot find the unique situation via traditional methods. We can utilize our network of sources to help you obtain the ideal results, or get out there and cold scout ourselves.

Lease or Buy/Sell

We deal in leases, lease/options and the buying and selling of potential commercial marijuana grow spaces. Currently in our business enterprises we represent dozens of commercial spaces and millions of square feet of open land, generally suitable for quality grow operations.