Welcome to Medalife -
the Top Marijuana Grow Space Brokerage in the L.A. Area

Medalife is a marijuana grow space brokerage in Los Angeles, representing many industrial warehouses prime for use as grow sites, and ready to issue pre-lease agreements that will lock-in current price per square foot rates for all of 2018, before grow space rates begin their rapid rise.

Welcome to the Medalife Grow Spaces website - the first company to specialize in the pre-leasing of premium marijuana grow spaces in the Los Angeles area.

With an eye to the anticipated relaxing of the L.A. County moratorium on growing marijuana in unincorporated areas of the county and L.A. City permitting of grow spaces in certain areas of the city, we are ready to help you roll!

Working with Los Angeles-based owners, developers and speculators, we are continually scouting and identifying premium warehouses and other grow spaces adequate for providing the necessary logistics and space requirements to provide you with a quality grow operation.

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Pre-Enroll Now

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